Tuesday, April 10

Cutting the Cord

Over the years we've had just about every "cable" TV option out there.  We've had no cable, done Netflix only, done basic cable, had satellite TV service, Hulu only... you get it.

Recently we had cable, bundled with our phone and internet.  We didn't have basic cable, but we didn't have HBO, Showtime, etc; so you get the idea.

Then for too many reasons to go into here we decided it was time to "cut the cord" with the cable company.  We signed back up for Netflix and Husband put in the call to cancel our cable services.

But it wasn't that easy.  Getting rid of cable would increase our "bundle package".  Some how it is less expensive to get three services from the cable provider than just two services.

So we started looking into finding a new phone and high speed internet service.

Finding home phone service was easy.  (And yes we need one, cell service is spotty out here; or non-existant depending on your cell carrier.)

High-speed internet was much harder.  Our choice was our current provider or... nothing.  OK, we could have looked into satellite internet services; but we weren't willing to go that far for high speed internet.

So Husband called the provider again, and after nearly an hour, finally got us a "package" we could live with.  We had to down-grade (or was it an upgrade since we were looking to get rid of it entirely) to basic cable and opt to not rent digital cable boxes from them (they wanted $15 a month for the privileged to charge us for something we don't need).

So now instead of having 800 channels of nothing to watch we have 22 channels of nothing to watch; not to mention the local cable access channel which displays the current temperature 24 hours a day.  Ah... my life is complete - I can now turn on the TV and see what the temperature outside is.


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