Wednesday, April 11

Chocolate Bunny

I got the 1 year old a chocolate bunny for Easter.

And, I let him eat it.

Go ahead, feel free to gasp in disbelief, shake your head and point your finger at me over the "evils of sugar" and how I am scarring him for life.  Or cheer for me, if you too are one of those mom's who's OK with your kids having candy every now and then.

Are you done?

OK, good.  I got to tell you, giving him the chocolate bunny did not at all go as I expected.  Thankfully, his head did not spin around, he did not scale walls or stay up until all hours of the evening.  Nope, this was a pretty anti-climatic event.

His Easter basket was filled with (while highly processed) organic baby treat; like Elmo graham crackers, fruit and veggie pouches and bars - and of course the chocolate bunny.

The Big Boy had gotten a much larger bunny and I had promised him on Easter Monday he could have it after dinner.  And so, his little brother joined him in eating his bunny too.

At first Monkey didn't know what to do with it.  He licked the ears, sucked on it some and slammed it on his tray.  Then Turkey showed him how to break it apart and put some pieces in his mouth.  Well that was it; now the only thing Monkey wanted to do was break apart the bunny and through around the pieces.

In the end, I think he ingests more sugar from a donut hole (glazed thank you) before Mass than from this treat.  


Heather Kinnaird said...

everything in moderation :)

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