Friday, April 20

A Lucky Little Kid

My kids are pretty lucky.

Hey, they have me for a mom, so that automatically makes them lucky doesn't it.

I have a feeling Turkey is luckier than most however.

He has a knack at winning raffles and drawings.  That's not to say he wins every time; but I would say he usually wins like 75% of the time.

At Pumpkin Feast in October him and I both found four-leaf clovers.  That was the 2nd one I've ever found in my 30-something years; with my first one being around the age of 12.

Just he other night Turkey found one in our backyard.  So that's two for him in less than 6 months.

Now I've read four leaf clovers occur once in every 10,000 clovers.  And I am sure we have well over 10,000 clovers in our yard.  But really what were the chances he'd find another one so soon?


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