Monday, April 23

I Can See Clearly Now

I've had glasses since I was four and bifocals since I was 18.  Some how as I have gotten older my reading vision has gotten better and I was able decrease my prescription at my last eye appointment.

However at that same appointment Turkey; who had been complaining of headaches lately was found to have an astigmatism in his right eye.  And so glasses were ordered.

He picked out a very modern pair, in dark brown; which really accent his skin tone nicely.  Honestly when he first tried them on and looked over his shoulder at me while wearing his blue blazer I thought GQ "model in the making".

Now since I've had glasses for so long taking care of them is like second nature; and I never really thought of the art of taking care of glasses.  Turkey getting glasses is changing all of that.  As I sit and write this he's had his glasses for less than 24 hours and I can't tell you how many times I's said to him
"Where are your glasses?"
"Don't put your glasses down on the lenses."
"Don't wipe your glasses clean with your fingers."
"How did you get powder (paint, food, etc) on your glasses?"

You get the idea.  I've got to say I honestly wasn't prepared for this.  I feel like we should have gotten a manual to read up on eye glass care ahead of time.  Something along the lines of "Your Son and Glasses: How to Maintain Your Sanity".  


Sue said...

Ummmmmm,why can I relate to this so well? Maybe, you,Dan, Pat, & Wayne. Sometimes being a grandma rocks out! LOL

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