Tuesday, April 3

Oh Nurse!

Me (looking at note from nurse's office): I see you went to see the nurse at school again today.

Him: Oh yeah, my leg hurt so bad. Grabs knee and falls to the floor in an over-dramatic rendition of his problem.  

Me (shaking head):  Are you sure your knee hurt?  It says here you went to the nurse because your left leg was really itchy.

Him: I got confused, first my leg hurt because it was so itchy.

Me:  I see.

Additional comments on slip from nurse:  Temp: 98.7, Pupils fine, Ice on leg and saltines.


Last week he went to the nurses off because he got hit in the chin with a super-ball at recess and she sent home her standard note along with what to watch for in case of a concussion.  Really??!!  A concussion from a super-ball to the chin.

Turkey likes going to see the nurse at school.  He usually goes once or twice a week.  He has pretty much since he started school.  I asked about his frequent trips to the nurses office last spring and I was told he wasn't on her "watch list" of students that visit too frequently.  

I used to think it was because he was trying to get out of doing certain subjects in school.  But he doesn't seem to have a favorite time slot or day for going to see her.  He'll even go see her during lunch or recess.

We've asked him time and time again if he has a crush on the nurse.  He keeps denying it.

However the more I think about it, and the more I watch him I think he goes to the nurse because he is a drama-king and he loves attention.  And I guess there is no harm him this, until he gets to be on her "watch list".  


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