Thursday, April 5

Project Food Budget (Week 27)

Goal: $50
Actual: $48.40

We did pretty darn good this week.  Stopping at two stores and being able to use up a lot of stuff we needed to use before it went bad (3 dozen eggs to start with - yes we've had a lot of eggs this week).

Monday: egg salad sandwiches and sides
Tuesday: pasta with meat sauce and salad
Wednesday: mac and cheese and apple sauce (meager meal for the week)
Thursday: fajitas
Friday: going out
Saturday: eating at Nana's
Sunday: Easter dinner at my mom's (we're bringing the food and cooking there; but this is part of next week's budget).

Don't forget to check out these other blogs and see how they are doing - there is a wide range of people participating from various countries and all walks of life; interesting reading for sure.


Heather Kinnaird said...

wow - way to budget. Hoping to come in under budget one of these weeks.

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