Sunday, April 15

Naps and Nothing

Last weekend was crazy busy, and because I didn't get my "one day at home" I was fairly miserable for the week... in fact by lunch time last Saturday I was looking forward to this weekend.  Being home, being with my guys and puttering around the house.

Now that the nice weather is here and Turkey's First Holy Communion is fast approaching it seems like there are a million and two things to do at home.

Saturday we spent time cleaning the yard; getting rid of tree debris from the October snow storm, raking leaves, moving the dog to his summer home (in the winter we keep his leash off the deck for easy access; in the summer we keep his leash in the woods to provide him with lots of shade) and getting out the summer toys.  By mid afternoon Turkey was gone to the zoo with the neighbors and Husband and I worked inside the house.  All in all it was a very productive day; then around 8pm it hit me - the sneezing, the watery eyes, the itchy throat - Ah allergies I curse you!!! Early to bed... good thing as Monkey was up four or so times.

I woke up Sunday morning; hoping for a repeat of Saturday.  But then reality hit him.  Allergies suck.  As in they suck the life force out of you.

Turkey and I went to Mass, had donuts and decaf (hot chocolate for him) and I could feel my body screaming for sleep.  Thankfully when we got home Husband offered to take the baby for a walk and to get milk so I could nap.  And that's what I did.

After I got up the boys put on their swimsuits and we went to play in the yard.  Ok, they played and Husband and I relaxed and watched them.  After that lunch; and then... you guessed it another nap.  I nursed Monkey and put him down for his nap... and then next thing I know it's been an hour and a half and Husband is bringing him into the living room where I had sacked out on the couch.  By this time it was nearly time to start dinner... and so went our evening.

So that was my Sunday... so much for all the stuff I wanted; felt like I needed to get done.  In the end it was a day full of naps and nothing.  Which as my husband likes to remind me; we all need every now and then.

Dakota sunning himself.

Someone found his favorite sword.  And yes, we need to fix the fence.

Yum... shovels taste good.

Splish splash.  

Practicing his moves.

Playing with the boy next door.


Sue said...

Fix the fence please & thank you ~ Mom

Sue said...

And seeing your "In Memoria" really made me smile. He prompted me to say 'fix the fence", he really did.

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