Saturday, April 14

Not So Silent Saturday

This is one of my favorite pictures of the big boy.

It was taken April 3, 2005.  A little over 7 years ago now.  I took this picture to capture him just as he was at this time.  He was just starting to walk and took his blanket (coon-coon he called it) every where with him.  The picture sits in a two sided frame; with his hand print on the other side of the frame.  I bought the frame while wandering the craft store; shortly after my ex left me - better yet us.  I saw the frame kit and felt the need to put together this snapshot of who he was when his life changed forever.  

A lot has happened in the last 7 years - new home, new husband, new baby.

The room in which the above picture was taken is in the apartment I had in the house my mom and I had (she lived on the top floor, we lived on the bottom floor).  Four years after this picture was taken my youngest brother would pass away in this apartment.  I've been back in there once since then, and don't plan on every going back.

I wish I had the outfit now that he's wearing in that picture.  It's a darling outfit and would look great on the baby.

The blanket was lost on one of the first vacations we went on with Husband.  A replacement was bought on that trip, but it didn't have the same affect.  The boy still loves his blankets however.

He's seen his biological father for about 15 minutes in the last 7 years.  And he's taken lately to referring to Husband as "daddy" instead of "papa".  Although, he does still call him by his first name - but that's because their nicknames rhythm.


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