Wednesday, June 13

A Big Month

The baby has had a big month... so much to the fact that he's more a toddler than a baby now.

The day before he turned 13 months he got his first tooth.
The day before he turned 15 months he got his second tooth.
He's now a few days shy of 16 months and he has 6 or so teeth poking through in one stage or another.

At the beginning of his 15th month he wasn't walking.  Then one weekend a couple steps.  Then the few more weeks after that a couple more, getting fairly confident while we were at Uncle's house.  Then he stopped... then one day he woke up from a nap and decided he liked walking.  He is certainly not a pro at it, but he is a walker none the less.

The walking has led to climbing.  At the start of this month he wouldn't really climb over things, now he loves to.  And he's into trying to climb on everything and anyone.  AND he's also learned how to climb the stairs.

It's been a big month for the baby boy... no wonder he's not sleeping so well at night.


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