Sunday, June 10

Project Food Budget (Week 36)

Here's to another week of Project Food Budget and here's to another week of me posting this late.  Sorry fellow PFBers.

(Also for some reason my PFB icon isn't coming up either... what a week, right? Anyhow...)

Budget: $100
Spent: $73 shopping and $22 on pizza, so right on.

M: Left over Chinese food from Nana's house
T: Turkey loaf with roasted 'taters and broccoli
W: Egg and sausage sandwiches with peaches
TH: bbq chicken salad
F: Pizza (after the ice cream social at Turkey's school... love desert before dinner :-) )
Sat: DH and I went out to Longhorns' with a gift card we had, the boys had mac and cheese and peas with the sitter.  My steak was AWESOME!!!!
Sun: Soup and Salad


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