Monday, June 25


I was suppose to make Husband chocolate chip cookies for Father's Day.  But then I had the whole fruit basket incident and ended up making banana bread that day.

This weekend I decided to hold true to my promise and made him some cookies.  Normally I turn to my Betty Crocker Big Red Cookbook for recipes, but I wanted something "better" than that. I had tried the recipe in The Joy of Cooking, but I wasn't a fan of that one.  I knew Husband wanted soft and chewy cookies, and I knew the recipe for "the chewy" from Alton Brown had flopped on me over the holidays; so I turned to the internet.  I Googled "Mrs. Field's Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe" (because after all that Mrs. Field's makes some darn good soft and yummy cookies), and after about half a nano-second Google returned some 60,000 matches.

I read over a few and decided on this recipe.

Wow!!!  Are these cookies good.  Husband has dubbed them "the husband pleaser".  I had made a double batch and sent some to a party with Turkey.  My cookies were a huge hit.  I got so many compliments from the other moms.  (Pleasing your husband is one thing, but having other mom's envy your domestic ability is another.)  I don't think I will ever make another chocolate chip cookie recipe again.


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