Thursday, June 21

Project Food Budget (Week 38)

It's been a pretty easy week around here.  Husband and I got the shopping done on Saturday while the Big Boy was at a birthday party.  We spent $23.50 at the grocery and $22.22 at the produce store.  I had been planning for Father's Day to make Husband some chocolate chip cookies, but the fruit basket fell out of the ceiling and all the bananas on the bottom got crushed, so I had to make banana bread instead.

Sunday we were going to do turkey burgers per Husband's request for Father's Day; but Turkey went with his friend to the movies and dinner, so we had a date night of Chinese ($25) after the baby went to bed.

Monday: French toast, fruit and sausage
Tuesday: Out to eat for Turkey's last day of school ($32)
Wednesday: hot dogs and salad (it was 90+)
Thursday: pasta salad and NATIVE corn on the cob (it was 90+ again)
Friday: Something chicken

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Emily said...

looks like the budgeting is going well!

and i'm with you on easy to prepare meals when it's 90+ degrees out.

debbie T said...

Okay, how did your fruit basket get on the ceiling exactly??? LOL

It's been soo soo hot here too, I've moved my countertop oven outside to our screened porch so I can still bake, but not heat up the house.

Great job on the budget!

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