Wednesday, June 6

Parlor Tricks

At this age, I swear every day with Monkey brings about a new parlor trick.  He's just full of silly and somewhat crazy, and very goofy little things to do.

While we were at my brother's he realized he could sit down, and turn in a circle using his heels.  He did this over.  And over.  And over. Again.  And again.

He has realized that when he drinks something he doesn't need to swallow it.  He can, if he likes, spit it out at you.  However, it seems that he prefers the "open mouth slightly and dribble all over myself" approach better.  This method he's realized gets him the wettest, and this he enjoys.

He likes to look at you and then shake his head as fast as possible.  Kind of like baby head banging.  I blame his father for this, he thinks this move is great and encourages it.

Crawling around with his eyes closed as tight as possible seems to be good fun as well.  Until, inevitably, he bumps his head into something.  

Ah the joys of toddler-hood.... these are the memories that last.


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