Friday, June 8

Water Bed

The other night I wasn't feeling so well, so I filled my water bottle and took it to bed with me.

No, not that kind of water bottle.

The hot water bottle kind; like your grandmother would have had.

I tossed and I turned and I eventually fell asleep with my water bottle close against me.

Fast forward to around 1am.  I wake up soaking wet.  Like I had taken a bath in my PJs.  The sheets were wet, the mattress with wet.  Everything was wet.  Apparently my hot water bottle strung a leak.  All over me and the bed.

Thankfully we have a king size bed, so Husband was spared the mess.

Un-thankfully, Husband was sleeping with his friend Ambien, so he was of little help cleaning up the mess. (But in his defense he did clean up the mess of my mess then next day.)

So I stumble around, get changed, move the flat sheet and put a towel on top of the fitted sheet, and try to get comfy.  Only to realize the mattress is so wet I can feel it through the towel... four bath towels piled up later I finally drift off to sleep... who knew a hot water bottle held so much liquid?  Who knew I was ushc a deep sleeper at time?


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