Monday, June 11


Turkey gets this little moments of OCD every now and then.  Don't we all?

Tonight he's decided he needs to sort his Legos.

He must have eighty billion, ten million and twenty-two Legos.  I do not think this is a gross exaggeration.  OK, maybe a slight exaggeration, but he has a LOT of Legos.  Easily 10,000.

He is sorting his Legos into the following categories (based on the number of small totes and storage baggies on hand)  -
red and green bricks
black and dark grey bricks
white, light grey and blonde (known as tan to the rest of us) bricks
special pieces (regardless of colors)
wings (regardless of colors)
fabric pieces (sails and tents, etc)
big pieces (grass, water, etc)
and guys - aka minifigures

He's also taking all the non-Lego stuff out - Kinex pieces, Lincoln logs, and all the like.

He says he's sorting to make building easier.  Let's see how far he gets.


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