Sunday, June 24

This is my son.

Asperger's is on the spectrum.  And while he's never been diagnosised with SPD you can see him in this poster.

He has trouble concentrating.
He doesn't like having his hair washer or combed, but he's OK with haircuts.  Until it get's too ticklish.
He does not like loud noises.  We travel with ear plugs.
He chews on everything.  EVERYTHING.
He doesn't like getting his teeth brushes and the dentist tickles him.
He is not a picky eater.  Except he won't eat "white" food.
Smells and textures make him gag.  We went through years of him vomiting on everything.  EVERYTHING.
He is completely and totally unaware of how strong he is.
I would rather cut the baby's nails.  Cutting the big boys nails are a challenge.
If it is too crowded he gets overwhelmed and can't think straight.
Oh yeah, he has selective hearing.
He is good on smells.  He LOVED going to Yankee Candle and sniffing away.
Motor skills off????  Have you seen the way he runs?  LOL.  I love his shuffle.


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