Friday, June 29

Triumph and Defeat

Our public library is turning 125 this summer, and to celebrate they are hosting a number of events.  This evening was the "Children's Library Birthday Party", it was for ages 5 and up; so we signed the Big Boy up to go.  

We went and grabbed a quick bite for dinner and then dropped him off at the library and went grocery shopping.  Yes, we left him alone at the library.  No, we were not afraid of him getting stolen or the like.  Yes, we left a consent form and our contact information.  Hey, it's small town America.... our library doesn't even have AC.  

So off to grocery shopping we went.  And I hate to admit it that while he can be a super big helper when shopping and keeping me on my list; sometimes it's just easier to shop without him.  Less requests.  Less whining.  Less his legs getting tired.  Now that Monkey is more of a toddler than a baby he loves riding in the car-cart at the store.  This keeps him happy and content for 85% of the trip.  The other 15% he likes to walk and help push the cart.

Anyhow I digress.... after shopping we went and picked Turkey up.  He was SO excited.  Giddy with happiness.  He won the marshmallow stacking contest.  

And he made a crown.
And he had his face painted.
And they read a story about a cupcake.
And they got to decorate cupcakes.
And he decorated his with a gummy worm and a gummy bear
and an explosion of sprinkles.
And he decorated a crown.
And he had got a snake made by the balloon man
And, and, and....

It's amazing all the activities they fit in less than 2 hours.  

He was so happy and had more fun than words could describe.

And then we got home and he walked up the stairs.
And his balloon snake popped.
Tears.  Oh he was so sad.  I felt terrible.  I still feel terrible.  How he loved that balloon snake.  

What had been the perfect evening.  Shattered before his eyes.  

Ouch.  If I could make a balloon snake he would have had it instantly.  


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