Thursday, June 21


The baby has entered the world of dipping sauces.

Any time he sees one of us using any sort of condiment he needs to get in on the action, it's to the point where he expects something to dip his food into.

Husband prefers to give him ketchup for dipping, because well that's what Husband prefers.

I on the other hand prefer to give him just about anything but ketchup to dip.  I've come to realize I think ketchup is for french fries and french fries alone.

Earlier this week when we went out to celebrate the Big Boy's last day of school, the baby got chicken tenders and orange slices.  So I got him some honey mustard to dip with.  Everything got dipped in honey mustard that evening.  The chicken, the pickles (ehn, but OK I suppose) and the oranges (ewwww in my book).

Husband prefers ketchup on his hot dog, I'm a mustard, onion and relish kinda gal.  So the baby gets all of those to dip and play with.  Just like his big brother, who likes his hot dogs with the works.

Ranch dressing seems to be great with just about everything; and blue cheese is great for dipping celery in.  There's a reason they serve it with your wings you know; the shape is perfect for holding the blue cheese chunks in.  Salsa and hummus are also great on everything, but the blueberry syrup we only pull out of breakfast food.

Some times he does great with dipping, so nice and neat and purposeful.  Other times he dips with his fingers on one hand  and eats the food with the other.  Just like how sometimes he eats with one hand and holds his fork in the other.

I love this age, watching him grow and learn and develop his own little foodie-personality.  With any luck he'll still like experimenting with food flavors at  3, 13 and 33.

He loves food.

YUM!!!  Corn on the cob.


Licking onion dip off the spoon.


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