Sunday, June 3

Saving Money

I love saving money.  Don't we all?

Husband takes several medications a month, ad our prescription co-pay is $15 for each generic.  I am sure you can do the math.  While renewing our insurance plan a few weeks ago I noticed that we could mail order for prescription for a 90 day supply at the price of a sixty day supply, or $30.  These seemed like a good plan to me.  So Husband asked his doctor to rewrite a few of his scripts for 90 day supplies.

Just as I was getting ready to mail them off I noticed you could get certain generics medications (some 300 different ones) at the grocery store for $9.99 for a 90 day supply.  Husband checked the list, and sure enough the two we were about to send out to get filled for $60 total, we could get at the grocery.

Nice!!!  So what would have cost us $90 for two, three month supplies ended up costing $19.98.  Which is even far less than the mail order plan.

Now my only concern is that I put too much money into my flexible spending account for the year... but I suppose if it comes down to it we'll just have to have some extra massages and new eyes glasses.


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