Monday, October 15

20 Months!!

TT likes chili.  Actually he LOVES chili.  

Some how it happened.  I was just going along, minding my business, being super crazy busy and dealing with business like always (gah, the car broke down again)... and TT turned 20 months!!

20 months!!

That's 4 months away from being 2.  Two whole years!!!  Gah!!!  I better go check for grey hairs now.

Ok, ok, I'm back.  Did you miss me?

So what is TT up to now that he's 20 months?  Everything.

He's till nursing.

He's eating everything insight.  But we recently learned he doesn't like apple pie.  How can he not like apple pie.  Especially mine.  I make a killer apple pie.  I may have to tempt him with it ala mode.

He has just learned how to walk backwards, and has started learning how to climb on the couch.

Right now he favorite game is to chase after balls.  He then picks them up, sometimes with his teeth, and runs around the house with it in his mouth.

Speaking of teeth, he sure has caught up on teeth... I think we're just waiting on his 4 canines (and then 2 year molars but let's not get ahead of ourselves).  Notice I said "think"... because he won't let me in his mouth to see.

TT is getting so tall.  Crazy tall.  Typically he's wearing a size 3T on the bottom and a 2T on top.

Because he is getting so tall we need to think about converting his bed to a toddler bed; a step we (me and daddy) are so not ready for.

And speaking of sleep, he is currently transitioning from two naps to one nap a day.  This is going to take a while I can tell you.

All in all, getting so big.

And now... what you've been waiting for... pictures!!!

Apples = good.
Apple pie = bad.
I don't get this.  But no complaints.

Tackling his big brother.
I fear my furniture when they get bigger.

Playing.  He loves playing in his tents.

Showing off his pumpkin shirt.

Playing... with ALL the toys.

Running around with the ball in his mouth.  Silly baby.

Sleepy big guy.

Modeling his Halloween costume.
Yes, we need to break the nook addiction.

Modeling his too small pants.  


Sue said...

That's my grandson alright. I love fresh apples, but apple pie ? YUCK !!!

Cheryl said...

He is so much taller than Brycen is. We have a binky addiction here as well. I can't believe our boys will be 2 so soon.

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