Wednesday, October 10

Forget the Turkey

Last year, around early November, I was preaching about respecting The Turkey.

You know, thank THANKSGIVING Turkey.  That holiday that happens before the fat man, er Santa, takes over.

I was all about respecting The Turkey and putting off Christmas jazz until after Thanksgiving.

Now don't get me wrong, if you're done with your holiday shopping in July - good for you.  I just don't want to see Christmas being shoved in my face before Thanksgiving.

Well forget that.

I don't want to see Christmas shoved in my face before Halloween.

Respect the Jack-O-Lantern... respect!!!


I went to the store this weekend to pick up some small Halloween odds and ends... mind you it was October  6th.  Well before Halloween; and all of the Halloween goods had already been consolidated to one small section and the Christmas goodies were taking over.



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