Thursday, October 25

Whose Afraid?

This evening I took the boys to the Halloween event hosted at the High School.  The evening features kid games, coloring, candy, apples, donuts and lots of fun - including a "Haunted Hallway".

The evening ended with a trip through the "Haunted Hallway".

In form true to any thrill event that lasts about 60 seconds we waited in line for 15 minutes - thank you lolli-pops collected while playing games for keeping my boys quiet while we waited.

Finally it was our turn.  The teenage girl looked our group over - 8 kids with RR (8) being the oldest and TT (1)  being the youngest and passed the word along to the actors inside - normal to a low level of scariness.

We passed through the beaded curtain and entered the hallway and RR was off.  Apparently he was full of confidence and ready to take on the monsters and ghouls that lie ahead.

And then he wasn't.  About 15 feet in front of TT and I (and the rest of the group) he stopped and started screaming "Get me out of here!"  The actors froze, the boy that had been in the box that was banging the lid that set him off dared not to move.  I quickly caught up with him (it wasn't even dark) and took his hand.  TT looked up at him like "Really man?  Have another lollipop."  We quickly moved through the rest of the hallway, a nice girl asked him if he would like to feel her "boogers, brains, or fingers."  "Get me out of here he yells again" and with that we left the school.

"Mom, don't you ever make me go into that haunted hallways again."

Sure thing.... and to think I was afraid of the baby being scared.


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