Friday, October 12

Um sure....

I have my cell phone programmed so that it "translates" my voice mail messages into text messages.

Wonder why I put translate in parenthesis?  Wonder no more... look at these gem from earlier today; this was a prerecorded message reminding me about a doctor's appointment RR has on Monday.  

Hello. This is the Wayward Memorial Hospital. The Griswold family is son Rodney King's lawyer's office, calling to remind you that Rodney, has an appointment on Monday M, Please bring all of your victims. Over the counter and prescription medication containers to each denial visit so that we can create an accurate list, of your mediation. Also bring your insurance card in canary if required by your insurance company. If you did not here at the complete pre recorded message or wish to change or cancel your appointment, call or Medical Center and speak to one or appointments staff members. Thanks. Thank you. An goodbye. 

Classic.  I wonder how Clark and the family know Mr. King.  Perhaps from when they all drove to Wally World.  


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