Tuesday, October 2


The time RR has been waiting for; ever since we told him way back in summer 2010 that he was going to be a big brother, is here.

He know has a built in playmate.

This is the moment he has waited many long years for.

RR will drop to the floor and yell "I'm down, I'm down."
Then TT will come screaming across the room, letting out a war cry, and body slam his big brother.

Or RR will run circles around the house yelling "Get me TT, come get RR".  And TT will gladly chase after his brother, shrieking in delight.  Our house is certainly not a quiet place these days.  

Some days they will take out the Duplo blocks and RR will build TT castles and treasure boxes.

Lately they have taken into playing with the plastic Thomas Train set.  RR will construct these elaborate layouts and TT will run the motorized trains on the track, and chew on the trains, and chew on the other tractors and scenery, and run the tractor through the train wash a dozen time.  Oh and did I mention he'll chew on the trains?  Yeah, he's teething really bad lately.  Poor kiddo.

Sometimes RR has a hard time because TT will destroy the layout (Baby Disctruto anyone?) or they he'll try to play too rough with the baby.  But all in all they are playing together really well these days.  Loudly, but playing well.


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