Saturday, October 27

The Witching Hour

No, this is not a post about Halloween.  So if that's what you came here for, I suggest you move along.  Just kidding!!! That was a really really bad seasonal joke. Anyhow....

The Big Boy has put us through just about every sleep disorder: nightmares, night-terrors and sleepwalking.  Have you heard the story about the time he slept-walked out of the house and into the car?

So you would think I am a professional at dealing with sleep disorders by now.  Sadly, I am not.

TT has been having night-terrors 5 out of 7 nights a week, for the better part of a month now.

And it is just now, that I am learning to accept these for what they are.

Like clock work TT "wakes-up" at 11pm and proceeds to scream and cry until midnight, and there is no consoling him.  You see, night-terrors are a partial sleep disorder; the child appears to be awake - eyes open, moving around; but they are in fact asleep.

And Husband and I have been doing everything wrong when these episodes occur.  We should just be checking on him and letting him be; because the more you interfere with the night-terror the worse you make it.  Instead we are going in and rubbing his back, putting his blankets back on, *gasp* bringing him back to bed with us (where the night-terror really gets out of control).  It's so hard to just let him be during these episodes however.  It's natural for a parent to want to hold and comfort their child when they are distressed; it's like the treatment goes against every thing you feel.

After another night of too little sleep, for mom and dad; because of the night-terrors I decided to refresh my night-terror knowledge; and tonight I am going to try and wake him 15 minutes before the witching hour.  Doing this nightly for a week should solve the problem for the time being for us.  Ah, another thing that goes against you parenting instincts - waking a sleeping child.

But maybe, just maybe we'll actually get a full nights sleep (sometime soon).


Sue said...

Boy, do they take after their Mama. You went through it too and you are right. letting you scream was the worst thing in the world but you know what? It worked. Hang in there sweet pea. This to shall pass.

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