Friday, October 26

Fingers Crossed

On the last Saturday in October in 2011 we met our photographer in the park and spent the afternoon taking family pictures.  The day was cool, and getting colder; but it was still October and the trees were covered in leaves.  Snow was predicted for that evening; and because of that RR's Cub Scout camp-out had been called off.  Little did we know it was really going to snow.  A wet heavy snow that would snap trees, bring down power-lines and plug us into a world of cold darkness for a week.

Fast-forward to tonight; and here I sit and wonder about "Now Tropical Storm" Sandy.

Our family photos are thankfully done.

The baby's health is better now, than this time last year.  Oh, yeah, did I mention that he came down with pneumonia while we were without power?

RR's camp-out is scheduled and planned, and from what I hear not getting called off.

Sandy is expected to start making life less than pleasant on Tuesday, October 30.

And I can't help but wonder - Will Halloween get cancelled again?

Whatever will the Halloween Fairy do?

The 8-year old is on pins and needles.  The very mention of the weather puts him in a tizzy.  He's been having headaches, stress induced about missing his favorite holiday I am sure.

Please Lord.  Please.  Let the lights stay on.  Let my 8-year old have his Halloween.  Let all of the kids in this area have what they didn't have last year.  Give me strength to deal with the 8-year old and his mood swings as he anxiously awaits Halloween.

Ok, that's more than crossing my fingers.  I do believe that is a prayer.  And a request.


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