Sunday, October 28

Dirty Old Man

This morning I dropped RR off at CCD (that would be religious education for all of my non-Catholic readers) and went to McD's to have a peppermint mocha and do some studying for my lactation course.  Normally I hang out in our parish hall, but our community is in the midst of it's French Meat Pie Project, which involves making some 30,000 meat pies in a two week period.

So it's me, and the old folks hanging around the McD's at 8am today.  They are reading the paper and joking with one another and one of the older ones in the crowd comes over and asks me if I'm studying to become doctor.  I tell him, no and let him I am I studying to become a lactation consultant.  He asks "what?" like he was hard of hearing, so I repeat myself a little louder.  This goes back and forth a few times, until he catches on and says "Oh, breastfeeding.  I'm an expert at that.  We were all breastfeed when I was born."  Based o how old he looked, I was inclined to agree.  That's a terrible thing to say, isn't it?   At this point I am thinking he's just being friendly and wanting to chat.

He then comes back three more time to inquire about breastfeeding, and then offers to help me study.  This is where the confusion started setting in and I began to wonder his motives.

His next move is to go and tell some of his buddies about what I am studying.  Then he tries to recruit them into helping me studying, all the while telling me he's an expert on breastfeeding.  *sigh*

At this point I've had enough of my new friend, and thankfully it's time to go get the boy; so I head on out.  As I am leaving one of the old man's buddies is leaving as well and he's sees the cover of my textbook - "Oh, you're training to help other women help with nursing.  That's wonderful.  Good luck to you and try and not let Stan bother you, he's not playing with a full team."

Thank you kind old man for confirming my thoughts that Stan is a dirty old man and I wasn't loosing my mind.


Amy said...

Oh gosh. This is why women feed babies and not men! BTW me and Lainey love your new blog layout!

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