Monday, October 8

Big Helper

Yeah, yeah... I've had a lot of tales lately about my boys growing up and getting along better and playing together more... sure, you're getting tired of them; but what the heck here's another one.  

After dinner I sent RR upstairs to go shower.  Husband and I were going to play with TT in the living-room.  Well TT wanted nothing to do with us, he kept trying to climb the stairs and when we blocked them off he cried and cried and cried.  I had decided enough was enough and he was going to go to bed a little early.   So we get him upstairs and he makes a bee-line for the bathroom.  Ah ha!!  He had heard the shower and wanted in on the action.

So I ask RR if TT can join him, and he says sure.  I get TT into the shower with RR and sit down to wait... giving TT a few minutes to play before I need to wash him up.  But the next thing I know, RR is all about washing his brother up for me - he even washed his hair.  I didn't even ask, he just offered.

Sweet!!!  He totally saved me from getting soaked trying to wash the squirmy toddler in the shower.


Jess said...

I wish I could just 'like' all of these posts like on fb, it would make it easier so that you'd know it's being read and appreciated!

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