Wednesday, October 24

Big Helper

The Big Boy isn't my only helper around the house any more; now the Little One is getting in on the action.

I started doing the dishes the RR, but once the dishwasher was loaded and he had collected all of the cups from around the house there wasn't much left to do aside from the hand-washing.

And then TT fell down while playing with a toy; and since playing in the running water usually gets him to stop crying I figured he might as well come on over and give me a hand.  

And what a hand did he give me.  He was so helpful.  Really he was.  Seriously.  He didn't get in the way, he didn't slop water all over the place.  He just stood close and helped me wash out the pans.  

OK, ok... he did get soaked and had to take his shirt off.  


Sue said...

Is he the cutest 1 yr old or what?

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