Sunday, October 21


Did you notice the new look around here?

Like that fancy new heading?

What about my last page header?

All of these wonderful pictures were taken by the ever talented Karen Geaghan.

We met Karen back in 2008/2009 while we were looking for a wedding photographer.  I don't recall where I originally came across Karen's information - wedding magazine, her web-page, or what; but I do recall the first night we met.  We sat in her living room and looked through samples of her work, we talked wedding logistics and connected.  It was that connection that lead us to decide she was "the one".  She has been our family photographer and friend since then.

It started with engagement photos.

And then on to wedding photos....

Next up where maternity photos, and then baby and RR pictures.  

Last year we started the tradition of doing family photos in October - which is where the photos in both of my page headers came from.  

Karen is an amazing photographer with a great eye for lighting - and she seems to know all of the hidden spots for taking amazing photos.  She does studio and on-site work and is great with kids (read - she is quick and can get just the right shot of a fast moving toddler).

But it's more than that.  It's the connection she has with the people she works with.  Karen has this ability to really read people, to know understand what they are about - and she is able to show that individuality in her work.  She really brings out her subjects personalities.

So really... if you are (local) and are getting married soon or are thinking about getting some really quality family photos done I highly recommend calling Karen.  Really... you should call her like, right now.  OK, ok, maybe not right at this second... but you know what I mean.

You can check out her work and blog at the following places:

Disclosure: I was not asked to provide this endorsement; but rather I felt compelled to give credit where credit is due - as her professional photos are used in this blog.  


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I LOVE the new look! What great pictures!

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