Friday, October 19

Last Minute

 Just the other day I was complaining about how Christmas was taking over the entire holiday season.  It seems like once Columbus Day rolls around it's open season for Saint Nick and all of his paraphernalia to show up.

This became more apparent earlier this week as I tried to buy RR's Halloween costume.

He had previously picked out this Fade In / Fade Out Phantom costume; which apparently is all the rage this year as every place was selling it - Walmart, Target, Job Lots, Party City, CVS, Walgreens...literally every store we went into they were selling it.

So I figured we had time; every place is selling it.  So here I was with 2 whole weeks before Halloween and I decide it finally time to buy the costume, I didn't want to wait till the last minute you know.

And then I can't find it.  Well I can find it, in a store, if he wore a child XS or an adult XL.  Lucky for me he was right in the middle of those sizes at a child L... which means no costume was to be found.  I spend lunch periods looking and looking.

As I start to run out of hope; I turn to the internet; realizing I have plenty of time to get it shipped to me.  Except no one has his size in stock on-line.  At last I find it at Walmart dot com and they have one is stock at a store by my work; so I swoop in on-line and order it.

This evening I dashed into my not-so-near-to-me Walmart (in the pouring rain) to pick up the costume, where I had to wait in line for 10 minutes behind a lady setting up - you guessed it her Christmas lay-away - in order to get the costume.

Really - this wasn't last minute.

I think Santa just needs to take a chill and let us enjoy one holiday at a time.


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