Tuesday, May 15

15 Months

Today Monkey turns 15 months old.

Tomorrow we'll find out just how big he is at his well-baby visit.  But I can tell you that he solidly fits into 18 month clothing and some 2T stuff.

Yesterday his 2nd tooth poked through.  So he got his first tooth the day before he turned 13 months and his 2nd tooth the day before he turned 15 months.  I hope we're not still waiting on tooth #3 when he's 17 months.

He is not walking independently yet, but he loves zipping around the house in the walker that the people at Early Intervention dropped off.  We've even moved some things around to give him more room to explore.  I must say we are in trouble when he starts walking on his own, because he's so tall he can get to the top of the tables easily.

Monkey loves to play - by himself, with his big brother and with us.  Everything flat becomes a phone to him, he loves pretending to talk on the phone.  And he loves books; having them read to him or "reading" them himself.

We have yet to cut his hair and he has a HUGE mop of blonde hair, complete with soft baby curls.

We are still breastfeeding and finding table foods he does NOT like have proven to be a challenge.  The only time he really refuses a food is when he's not feeling well or teething (more so than normal).

It seems like he is constantly teething, something is always in his mouth. He likes to crawl around with his big brother's Scooby Doo figures hanging out of his mouth.  Apparently Shaggy's head is good to chew on.

In the carrier at church showing off his blond locks while chewing on Shaggy.
He is stingy with talking.  He babbles a storm and has a few words and phrases, but doesn't often chose to use them.

Sleeping is becoming much better at night, knock on wood, and he's typically down from 7pm to 6:30am with a nursing session around 10pm.

Still he's one of the happiest little guys around.


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