Friday, May 25

Project Food Budget: Week 34

Last weekend we were watching Man vs. Food and Adam, the show’s host, was in Hawaii taking on the pancake challenge.  For this challenge he had to eat 4 lbs. of pancakes and toppings.  He was able to choose the pancake toppings and fillings and from his choices he picked bananas and chocolate chips.
Why had I never thought of this before?  We love banana pancakes.  We love chocolate chip pancakes.  Why not combine the two to make extra yummy pancakes?  So on Wednesday that’s just what I did. 
They were a hit.  In the words of the 8-year-old, these are “the bomb-est of bombs”.  I chopped up the bananas fairly small so they almost melted into the pancake as they cooked.  I served them with whip cream, maple syrup (the real stuff) and blueberry syrup.  Sure not the healthiest of meals, but at least I used turkey sausage. 

For other meals this week we had:
Monday: scramble eggs, potatoes, peaches and turkey bacon
Tuesday: the boy’s had mac and cheese and veggies, and Husband and I went out for our anniversary
Wednesday: “the bomb-est of bombs pancakes
Thursday: the boy’s had grilled cheese and veggies on the way to Cub Scouts
Friday: pasta with tomato sauce and salad
Saturday: sesame honey chicken, brown rice and veggies

I spent $74 at the grocery this week, plus spent another $45 on a Schwan’s order.  If you’re not familiar with Schwan’s they are a frozen food company that delivers to your house.  Aside from this service they also provide a lot of those frozen diet meals you see on TV.  I stocked up on frozen chicken breasts, 20 breasts for $17 yes, please.  We’ve gotten these before and love them.  


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