Wednesday, May 30

Chilling Out

I've spent my entire life living in the north east.  When I was growing up we didn't have a single air conditioner in the whole house.  Now mind you the weather up here can be a little fickle and unpredictable; and extreme.  Winter weather can feature feet and feet of snow at temperatures well below freezing and summers days can easily break 90 with 99% humidity.  So the "no air conditioner" thing could really make sleeping during the summer months unbearable.  I can recall laying in my bed, too hot to sleep with the fan just inches from my head.

Then I went away to college and my dorm room had AC.  It was wonderful.

Back home after that there was no AC.  Nor did I have AC in my room when I lived with my friend K.

But then I got my own apartment and that had AC.  And again summers were wonderful.

After that I moved into a 2-family house with my mom, and was again without AC.  Until Husband moved in.  He insisted on AC in the summer.  Said he couldn't live without it.  I've had AC in my bedroom ever since.

Over the years we upgraded Turkey to have an AC as well, and now we're looking at getting one for Monkey (he slept in our room all last summer).

I would like to think I didn't "need" AC.  That I'v survived our summers this long without needing AC, but I know now that is not true.  I am sure I wouldn't actually parish without, but I would be a lot grouchier from the lack if sleep.

Lately we've had a bit of a warm snap.  Temps yesterday were in the 90s with gruelingly humidity.  Husband wanted to get the AC out of the attic and installed in our room.  But I wasn't sure I was ready.  I kept telling him it's going to rain and temps will fall back to the 70s.  You see we like to try and hold off on these things (turning on the heat in the winter and holding off on the AC in the summer) as long as possible.  It's like a game we play.  However after we got home from the store, and I walked into our room  - which is like an oven and always the warmest room in the house - I knew it was time and didn't argue when Husband went to install it.

That being said last night was one of the best nights of sleep I've had in nearly a week.  Aside from the 1am poopy-diaper incident it was perfect.  All thanks to Husband and the AC.

Sure I felt guilty about the boys not having their ACs, but I managed growing up without one... and the rain and thunderstorms did come, and they did cool things off quite a bit. So maybe we should have held out another night... nah...


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