Monday, May 28

Lost and Found (twice)

When we got married, our weddings rings were tied to a little white pillow.  It had our names and wedding date embroidered on it, in cornflower blue, by my Godmother.  We, my bridesmaids, the flower-girl, the ring bearer (Turkey) and myself were early to the wedding so everyone, but me got out and stretched with the kids running around the gardens.  (We got married in a little chapel in a park's garden.)  While the kids were running around Husband's ring fell off the pillow.

The wedding party searched and searched for his ring while doing their best to keep me and Husband clueless. But watching the commotion outside (I was sitting in the limo) I knew something was up.  We had thought all was lost - everyone from all the groomsmen to the florist were looking for the ring.  My soon to be brother in law was even going to lend Husband his wedding band for the ceremony.

Then my cousin found it.  I remember her picking it up and holding it over her head screaming "YES".  My dad tied the rings back onto the pillow as tight as he could.  Turkey was heartbroken he had lost the ring and was crying; and it took a lot of coaxing to get him to walk down the isle.

For the next two years and some odd days Husband's ring sat securely on his ring finger.  Some days it would get stuck, with the ways his hand's swell from the fibromylgia.

Then this weekend, as I was driving along he looked down at his hand and realized his ring was not there.  You could see the ring imprint in his skin.  He started to panic, searching the car for it.  So I pulled over and he searched some more.  He looked at the camera, at the pictures we had taken some ten minutes before at the ice cream place we stopped; and his ring was on his finger.

So I turned the car around and we went to look for it.  Husband recalled his actions as we had left the ice cream place, over and over again and we decided it just had to be in the gravel driveway. We raced back and screeched into the parking lot.  Another car was parked in our old spot and we prayed his ring was easy to find.  He started searching the lot, while I rechecked the car and then we traded.  Just as I rounded the minivan that was in our old spot I saw something glistening in the late afternoon early summer sun... and there it was!!  Husband's ring.  Found again.  Thankfully.


Gemini Momma said...

Some things are just destined not to be lost for good. :)

Amy said...

Rob is ALWAYS taking his ring off when he gets home to wash his hands and he always forgets it until work the next day. It drives me nuts because I am so afraid of losing our rings!

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