Thursday, May 17

Project Food Budget: Weeks 32 and 33

Yup, it's your lucky week... two weeks of PFB rolled into one, since I missed lasts weeks with all the craziness of getting ready for Turkey's First Communion.

I couldn't tell you how much I spent on groceries last week, as food shopping and getting ready for the party got rolled all into one.  This week I didn't actually go food shopping; but I did spend $21.20 between two quick trips to the market.

Meals last week consisted of: hot dogs and beans, pasta, dinner at Nana's house, turkey meatloaf in the crock-pot; to name a few.

For the party I served: taco dip and tortillas, pretzels and ranch dip, deviled eggs, shrimp cocktail (many thanks to Nana for picking up the tab on that one), pasta and sauce, green salad, baked beans, tuna and egg salad finger sandwiches, cake... and the fruit platter I forgot to serve. Can you tell an 8-year old designed most of this menu? 

For meals this week we've had party leftovers, fried chicken with beans and salad, crock pot chicken with creamed spinach and brown rice, and turkey burgers and salad.

I am hoping to be back on plan next week.

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