Monday, May 7

Doing It All Over Again

As we get closer and closer to Turkey's First Communion I am starting to feel very melancholy.  This is a big step for him; several years in the making.  I look at him, and I look at the baby and think about what he was like; seven years ago when he was Monkey's age.  I'm looking back at pictures of him over the last eight years; and I am amazed by how much he's grown; physically, mentally and spiritually.

All of the thinking aside we've been busy preparing for his big day. He has had a few rehearsals, he has a few more to attend to as well.  He got a new hair cut, we bought his special clothes, and we got his photos done.  We've been planning a party for him, and so on and so on.

And then I think, we get to do this all again in another seven years.

Seven years.  The age gap between the two boys.

Wow, seven years.

Don't get me wrong I wouldn't change a thing about the boys and their age gap.  It certainly has it's up sides; like only having to diaper one child at a time.  ;-)

And then I start thinking about where I might be in seven years.  By then I will be in my early 40s.  When my mom was in her early 40s, I was in my early 20s.  Then I think, when Monkey is in his early 20s; I'll be in my mid-50s, the age my mom is now.

I like the idea of being able to "doing it all again", seven years from now.  I like wondering where we'll all be in seven years.  What kind of eight year old will the baby be?  What kind of teenager will Turkey be?  What will Husband and I be doing for work and hobbies?  What kind of relationship will my boys have with each, and any other siblings that may come there way?

That's the good thing about the future, it's full of possibilities.


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