Friday, May 25

Big Boy

See that dot?  It says he's taller than 99.9% of kids his age.  

He just keeps getting taller and taller.  My goodness.

Where does he get this height from?  I'm only 5'8" and Husband is 5'9".

Husband likes to say "he's tall like me".  This makes me laugh, but in his defense he's tall compared to most of his family members (his older brother is taller than him, and he's the only one I can think of that is).


Grace said...

My husband gets his height from his mom, she's 5'7" and he's 6'2". Sooo, Teddy might end up pretty tall. Actually the same is true of my brother, my parents are 5'7" and 5'9" and my "little" brother is 6'3"!

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