Wednesday, May 2

Young Love

Turkey's first crush was Natalie Portman, but not Natalie Portman as the actress; but rather Padme from Star Wars.

Until one day he saw her on a Sesame Street re-run and he decided he was "off her", because he couldn't have anything to do with someone associated with Elmo.  I reminded him, that he himself used to be an Elmo fan; a fact he now denies.

These days he's moved onto a real girl to crush on; and not some movie character.  He denies that K is his girlfriend.  He prefers to say K is a girl that is a friend.  And while I am sure this is true, he talks more about K than any other girl he's ever been friends with.  Combine that with his current "girls have cooties phase"; and all I see when he goes on and on about K is young love.

K is a girl in his class.  In his book she's pretty darn cool.  She likes Legos, she hunts for with him for rocks at recess, she tolerates his less than stellar table manners at lunch.

Just this past week they were discussing making their First Communion soon (who knew they talked about religion in the second grade) and Turkey was upset that they were making them on the same day, at different churches so they couldn't go to each others.

Awww.... so sweet.

Keep your fingers crossed they're in the same class next year.  This girl is good for my boy.


Jessica said...

OOOOHHHH that's so cute! I love hearing things like this. When I was Turkey's age I had a guy friend like that - we were born on the same day. I met my husband because of him. We were great friends for a LONG time! This is awesome!

Jess said...

I wish there was just a like button on here, b/c I'd just like every post of yours that I read.

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