Monday, May 14

Blue Shirted Man

To the Man in the Blue Shirt,

If  we were not in a House of God on Saturday I would have given you a piece of my mind in person, but since I consider myself to be a decent and kind person I am going to do it here instead.  Granted the chances of you reading these are slim to none, but still it needs to be said.

You're child was NOT the only child making their First Communion on Saturday.  This may come as a shock to you, but there were 32 children in the 1pm ceremony.  Which means at least 30 of them where not yours.

Also when a religious official lays out rules to govern certain religious functions, say the one about no video taping or photos during the ceremony; it would behoove you to listen to them.

Furthermore, you were seated in just about the center of the church; so your standing to video tape your child during the singing of Ave Maria blocked the view of around 200 people, myself included.

I do not think you could have possibly been more inconsiderate.  Maybe you didn't want to spend the $15 and purchase the DVD of the service so that you could watch your angle singing over and over again - I get that.  But what I do not get is your need to be so blatantly rude to everyone around you.

I hope you ARE a member of my Parrish, as I know Monsignor does not take kindly to rudeness and disrespect, and you get a well deserved earful.


The Women Seated Directly 2 Rows Behind You


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