Wednesday, May 16

A Wonderful Day

On Saturday Turkey made his First Holy Communion.  We are all so proud of him.  All of the preparations, rehearsals, meetings and planning we so worth it.  It really was a wonderful day, aside from the jerk in church.

The day started out quiet enough, and I decided to let him have a light lunch in the car on the way to pick up Nana; so this required him getting dressed at her house.  Nana wasn't answering her phone that morning, and when a 96 year old women doesn't answer her phone you get nervous.  So my mom, who actually arrived early, offered to drive over to her house with me (just in case).  Thankfully Nana was fine and had been setting outside.  He boy got dressed, and we took a quick photo and headed to the church.

The first communion candidates had to be at the church 45 minutes before the start of Mass, but this worked out well as it allowed us to save seats for Husband, Monkey, Bear and his girlfriend.  The church was packed. I honestly think there were more people at this service than at the 9:15 Easter service, which if you know anything about Catholic Churches says a lot.  It was standing room only.  My dearest friend M and her boys made the service and got stuck with standing - we had tried saving more seats for them but it was impossible.

There was a total of 64 children making their First Communion that day; half at an earlier Mass and half at the service we attended.  And I must say I have never seen so many children behave so well, all at once, before.

Turkey lead the church in the prayers of the faithful, and it was heart warming to hear his little voice.  He did so well.  The service ended with the children singing Ave Maria.

After Mass we did photos with Monsignor and with our friends and family, then headed back to the house to get our party on.

Husband and I had a little lapse in communication and certain foods were not ready when I got home as I was expecting, but in the end it worked out; as everyone pitched in to get the party ready while I put Monkey down for a nap.

After a bit our aunts and uncles and friends came over, and we ate and laughed and joked around and ate some more.  The cake - white with lemon filling and whip cream frosting, as per the boy's request was amazing.  So so yummy.

The day ended with me driving Nana home around 7pm; and coming home to roasting marshmallows in the backyard with the kids and the neighbor boy.

Oh... and while driving Nana home I realized I never put out the fruit platter... oh well, just more leftovers for us I suppose.


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Congratulations to Turkey!

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