Friday, March 30

Customer Service

A few weeks ago I was setting up Monkey's highchair and pinched the palm of my hand in the chair leg mechanism. It pulled out a big piece of skin and bleed something terrible.  I called to Husband who came running, and him and Turkey took care of getting Monkey out of the dog food (because that's where babies head when mama is bleeding) and they bandaged me up.

After this instance I learned that Husband had done the same thing a few weeks back.

Now our highchair is an older model.  It's a Chicco Polly from 2006.  We picked it up of Craig's List for $20, maybe $30.  Because it was older I decided to contact Chicco, maybe there had been a recall on this model or a safety device added over the years.

I went to their web-site and filled out the on-line form, and explained to them that our chair was older and bought used, what had happened and asked about a possible recall, etc.

About 24 hours later I got a reply e-mail asking for some photos.  So I sent them these, per their request.
Our highchair, apparently this pattern is called "energy".

The leg stop where my hand got caught.
About 36 hours later I got a response back that I would never have expected.  Chicco was sending us a brand new high chair.  What a shock; and to think a few weeks ago I was thinking about buying a new high chair because the cover on ours was ripped badly and a new cover cost half of what a new chair cost (or the price of another used chair).

The customer service representative explained to me that while our chair was out of their warranty period (you think, it's 6 years old) they were going to send us a new chair, in a new pattern as our pattern was no longer available (again, you think, it's 6 years old).   They did want the old high chair back and they would cover shipping on that.  Our new chair was expected within 8 to 10 business days.

5 business days later, today, our new highchair in the "graphite pattern" arrived.

Trying out his new chair.  
Oh yeah... talk about great customer service.  Really I never expected this as a response; I don't know what I was expecting when I sent them an e-mail; maybe an adapter kit - but I'm not going to argue.  This new highchair is nice.  Thanks Chicco!!


Jessica said...

I had a similar response from them I LOVE THEM!!! We bought a used Chicco stroller. The strap was broken. In fact my friend had bought a new stroller because this strap didn't work. I contacted them and they sent me a new strap harness thing. and it was like in no time flat.

Awesome about the high chair. that's even more amazing than a strap. We have bought a lot of stuff from them just because of this customer service!

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