Tuesday, March 13

Nearly 13 Months

Dear Monkey,

You are nearly 13 months old, and it's been a while since I update everyone on you; so I figured today was a good day to do so.

You are a very soft and snuggley baby, that is when you let us snuggle you.  You do not like being snuggled, or held back, when you see there is much playing to be done.  You also do not like snuggling when you are grouchy, you prefer to crawl around and whine.

Speaking of crawling, you are becoming quiet a pro at crawling and venture all over the house when given a chance.  You are now just starting to crawl on top of or over things; but you are pulling up like a champ and cruising along furniture.

Your favorite word to say is "ya", and you also say "dada" and "ma".  You sign "more" all the time, especially when you are told you are "all done".  We are working on learning how to sigh "yes", "no" and "drink".

You are super ticklish, and love being tickled and have the cutest little laugh.

Speaking of love, you love all of your toys - especially your jumper and anything that lets you put things in and take things out.  At night you sleep with your baby and your seahorse.  When you nurse you fiddle with your baby's ears.  And for some reason you've taken to wanting to nurse on your changing table - this I cannot explain but it makes you very happy.

As I mentioned you are still nursing; but you LOVE food.  I said you loved to play, and love your toys; but this I really mean you LOVE.  Food makes you so excited, to the point where you stretch out your arms and legs and shake while waiting for food.  We've yet to find a food you don't like; and you are a very adventurous eater.  I don't think I could pick anyone food as your favorite, as you will eat and enjoy anything.  I keep telling your daddy that we're in trouble once you get teeth.

That's right, you're nearly 13 months old and have no teeth.  You are "this close" to getting your first tooth; I am beyond excited for this.

You are also "this close" to getting your first hair cut.  I did give you a little trim a few weeks ago, but it's really getting to be time to properly get it cut.

Your clothing size is 18 to 24 months, but that's just because you are so tall.  If it wasn't for your cloth diapers all of your pants would be falling off your hips.

So Monkey, that's you in a nutshell at nearly 13 months.

Mama Love You!!!

PS I think I may actually finish your nursery in the next few weeks.


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