Wednesday, March 21

Soft & Cuddly?

I will admit we use disposable diapers at night.  I know, I know... shame on me, and I could offer you a million reasons (excuses) why, but I'm not going to.  Anyhow, because we only buy diapers once and month and because we prefer to cloth diaper them we tend to spend a little bit more and buy the "better for the earth" ones; like Seventh Generation or Earth's Best.  These diapers in compared to the big brand names tend to be a little stiffer and less "cuddly".

So imagine my surprise when Monkey decided these were his new favorite thing to snuggle while nursing.

The other night he was playing with one while getting ready for bed and carried it over to the glider for nursing.  Normally he fiddles with his Baby, but this night he wanted a disposable diaper.  He rubbed it on his face, he nuzzled up to it, he played with it absent minded. Basically he just enjoyed it.

Every time since then, except in the middle of the night when nursing is nursing and no fun and games are allowed, he has wanted a disposable diaper to snuggle with.  I've heard of toddlers growing attachments to and carrying around strange objects; and I really hope his doesn't happen to Monkey and his Lorax Seventh Generation size 4 diaper.


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