Thursday, March 8

Project Food Budget (Week 23)

Goal: $50
Actual: $52.02

This was a good and easy week, and reflects a change in our food budget; still working with a goal of $400, but instead of $100 a week, we're going to do $150 on pay-weeks and $50 on the odd this.  This is going to require more discipline and preplanning.  But we're doing better with this all around as we've finally started food shopping on a regular basis (Sunday morning after Mass).

Meals this week:
Monday: Sandwich or a salad **
Tuesday: Buffalo Wings and corn (Turkey's pick, off combo in my opinion)
Wednesday: poached eggs, applesauce and English muffins
Thursday: crock-pot chicken meatloaf, mashed potatoes and salad
Friday: cheese pizza
Saturday: eat at Nana's house
Sunday: chili dogs and salad

* meager meal for the week

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