Wednesday, March 28

For Giggles

Breastfeeding makes me happy.  You know this if you're read my blog before.

But not just my breastfeeding experience makes me happy.  I get happy when I hear about others doing the same, and I really enjoy seeing breastfeeding messages in day to day living.  I love that Lois breastfeeds Stewie, and I laugh out loud (for real, not an LOL) when I read Baby Blues in the Sunday paper and the comic strips features a breastfeeding joke.  Sometimes those jokes almost seem like inside jokes, something that only breastfeeding parents can relate to.

Yesterday while poking around on the big ol' world wide web I came across Baby Blues World Breastfeeding Week 2009 (I said I was poking around) tribute.  You can find the whole thing here, but I wanted to take some time and share with you some of my favorites.

You'll need to click on them to enlarge.  My comments are attached to each.  Enjoy!!!

Or in the church parking lot hoping you don't flash Monsignor.
Or in the parking lot at the grocery store, with your winter jacket as a nursing pillow.
You get the idea.  Monkey loves nursing in the car because I let him play with the steering wheel when he's done.

I actually sing Monkey this song while nursing him.  Turkey likes to come in and chat during these times.
Usually to tell me he wants something (to eat, play with, TV time, or to buy).
Monkey does not like to be interrupted during these times and will sit up and stare at him until he leaves.

Yeah, especially now that he has a tooth.


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