Friday, March 16

An Hour

I don't live in Arizona.  Right about now I wish I did.

What's so great about Arizona?  Aside from a few friends that live out there - they don't participate in the foolishness of daylight savings time.

The week before DST friends all over Facebook where cooing about how they couldn't wait "for the extra hour of light in the evenings".  Bah humbug.

A few of them grumbled the day after about feeling tired and worn down the next day.

It's been nearly a week and I still feel tired and worn down.

I am a morning person (feel free to cuss at me under your breath) and I love my sunlight in the morning.  With the time change I feel like I have been pulled back into the dark days of winter.  I really dislike getting up while it's still dark out; and while I am mentally awake it is hard to physically pull myself out of bed.  I've been running late nearly every morning this week, and I don't like that.

Add into that a baby that has decided to start nursing again at 3am, mid way through my nights sleep; and it's a recipe for one very tired lady.  I think he's feeling the time change as well, because he doesn't seem to want our standard 10pm nursing session; and then wakes up famished at 3am.

The last couple of days I have felt the fatigue through out my body.  It's the kind of sleep that makes you want to pull a blanket up over your head and close your eyes at noon (and every other hour of the day).

But then when bedtime hits - whamoo; my internal clock is still feeling it as an hour earlier and I'm up later than I should be.

I would say DST is for the birds, but they have no use for clocks; sigh.

Apparently my sleepiness is getting to be very obvious as co-workers are telling me how much I am yawning today.


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