Sunday, March 4

Glass Cat

When I was growing up my grandma lived in a light green cape with white shutters.  It was a picaresque little house, on the outside, with twin weeping willows lining the front walk and a white picket fence, standing tall on top of a hill.

Inside was still charming, but tacky at the same time.  She had wall to wall carpeting, including in the bathroom and kitchen, that she was so proud of.  The living room was a dark wood paneling that only the 70s could love.  The counsel TV was in front of the windows and my grandpa's recliner was in the corner.  A long couch and coffee table sat across from the TV.  There was a side table on either side of the couch.  When my cousin and I slept over we slept in the living room, in sleeping bags with the table pushed out of the way.  Above the couch hung newborn pictures of their four children, arranged in a diamond shape.  Under one of the side tables sat a white ceramic cat.

Later when my grandma moved to her condominium and she got new furniture she set up her living room the same way.  This time the glass cat moved to the corner of the room.

And then even later when she moved to the assisted living facility, the cat came with her.  Her silent steady never wavering partner.

I don't recall my grandparents having any pets when I was growing up.  I have been told they had an Irish setter which bite me when I was small, but I don't remember that.  But maybe it's why I am not a huge fan of dogs.

When my grandma passed away, we all worked together to clean out her little apartment.  We received many things from her estate including jewelry, a new dining set and a flat screen TV; but none of it meant as much to me as that glass cat.  I was honestly surprised that no one else wanted the cat; as I was prepared to make my case for it.

So now the glass cat sits in the corner of our living room, overseeing our day to day activities.

These days we're constantly moving the car away from Ultimate-Baby-Descructo; who likes to crawl over to it and slap it.  I'm hoping the cat survives these years in one piece, as I look forward to my boys and hopefully my grandchild recalling the glass cat in the corner of our house.


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