Wednesday, March 21

Smiles & Laughing

My boys (all of them) make me smile and laugh.  They really can be addicting to be around sometimes.  Especially watching the kids in a bubble bath with red tinted water thanks to Avon fruit-punch kid bubble-bath.  Or when Husband does his Steve Urkel impression.

While at lunch yesterday I saw some plastic flowers "planted" outside.  This cracks me up to no end.  And it got me thinking what other things in day to day life make me smile or laugh.  Sometimes you need to try your hardest to see the good things in life (outside your family)....

So I composed a list.

~ Rainbows.  I've seen a lot of rainbows in the last few years, especially off exit 7 on the way home.  But really any rainbow makes me happy.  Like this one my friend R captured and shared on Facebook the other day.

~ Reading about good news; especially on some of the blogs I follow.  I love when other peoples happiness is contagious and you smile right along with them.

~ Chocolate, in particular surprise chocolate in the form of ice cream or muffins.

~ E-mails, letters or cards from friends that come just so they can see how you are doing.

~ OK... good surprises in general make me happy.  Like the other month when I came home to a package from my friend T, which had an eggs over easy diaper for Monkey in it.  That was really special, and certainly made me smile.

~ Completing a project I've been putting off.  The Lazy Mom blog stopped her "Things I've Been Meaning to Do" post, and I have stopped as a result of that.  Maybe I should re-institute this for myself.

~ The following movies: The Great Outdoors, Dragnet and Exit to Eden.  Always guaranteed a laugh no matter how many times I have seen them.

What's on your list?


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