Thursday, March 15

Project Food Budget (Week 24)

Goal: $150
Actual: $156.10

Another pretty easy week, and I was able to stock up on a lot of things at the store this past weekend to make in the weeks ahead and that I am excited about.  This whole "having a plan" thing is really starting to pay off.  

Meals this week:
Monday: left-overs from Nana's house
Tuesday: Chinese take-out - not included in the above number because Husband treated us with an over-payment check he got from the doctor's office 
Wednesday: mac and cheese and veggies (Turkey's pick)
Thursday: grilled chicken salad and rolls
Friday: tuna melts and soup
Saturday: eat at my Mom's house
Sunday: bonesless bbq ribs in the crockpot

* meager meal for the week

There are some new blogs to check out this week...


Emily said...

Way to go, budgeting rockstar!! I agree that having a plan makes everything easier. I need to get back into that...

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